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Calabrian cooking

We really take care of our restaurant! Enjoy at lunch and dinnertime the special dishes of our chef, good local meat and very fresh fish.

Every day we choose the best fresh fish from local fishermen and fish markets. You will taste typical italian recpies but you can also discover many less-known local fish and dishes: Spatola, Surici fried, Barracuda, Tuna with red onion from Tropea and so on.

If you like more meat than fish, we will serve you many dishes from our inland tradition.

And if you prefer vegetables, no problem! Our region is full of tasty vegetable and we have vegetarian and vegan alternatives for you.

One time for week you will also be invited to the "Calabrian festival", a special party with a big buffet and all our history: traditional music, pictures show, art exhibition, poetry, games.

Alcune foto dei dintorni