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The Campsite consists of more than 70 fenced caravan lots all supplied with electricity. The site is sorrounded by tall trees and lies on flat grassy land divided by gravelled pathways.

The camping entrance and the lots are well suitables for big vans too.

Paths along the camping are covered with sotne chippings and there are many drinkable water fountains around.

Toilettes have been renewed recently (january 2018) and we really care about cleaningless and order of this area.

Other facilities: sinks, laundry, automatic laundry, cold shower in front of the beach.

Beach is directly accessible from the Camping


Servizi piazzole Camping Campeggio Calabria

Small (3x3mt)

Perfect for
little tents

Piazzole Small Camping Campeggio Calabria

Standard (6x6mt)

Roulotte, camper van,
tents max 6mt long

Piazzole Standard Camping Campeggio Calabria

Extralarge (6x12mt)

For those who
love big spaces

Piazzole Extralarge Camping Campeggio Calabria

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